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Keep simple and profitable 

We have studied this market and we came to the conclusion that Memphis has a great opportunity for positive cash flow real estate properties. With data we gather as the next information shows, you can see for yourself the great rates of returns on rental property and the reason for that phenomena is a lack of financial education of most residents in the area we are aiming to invest. We are helping those that want to be helped and profit with those who want to stay in the same situation as always.

Source: US Census Bureau

More than 16.000 jobs opportunities are available for the Memphis area. (See News Articles below.)


All the real estate investments that have been made in the area are a good and smart solution for investors and home buyers.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A real estate firm has unveiled a major development that includes a project so big it will change the Memphis skyline.

18 Main revealed the plans to reimagine the Pinch District, which is near the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid and has already invested $14 million on Pinch properties to show a vision.

The new development plans will show the Pinch's potential. The cost of this plan is about  $1.1 billion.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Amazon broke ground Monday on a Memphis fulfillment center that the company says will employ 1,000 people in Raleigh.

Amazon is investing $200 million in the facility near New Allen and Hawkins Mill roads, the first in Tennessee to use iAmazon Robotics technology to pick, pack and ship smaller items, such as books and electronics.