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  • Nancie Grace

5 Best Neighborhoods in Memphis Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is located on the Mississippi River. It is worldwide known for its BBQ and Blues. This city is the headquarter for big businesses such as AutoZone and FedEx. It is primed for a real estate boom as the prices of housing are still fairly low.

Every neighborhood in Memphis, TN offers its unique selling point. Different neighborhoods offer competitive school systems. It also offers a lot of options for real estate investors and first-time homebuyers as the prices of properties in this city are lower than many other major cities across the country.

Downtown Memphis

Downtown Memphis is popular with tourists and locals. It outpours soul and characters. It is also the home to the Beale St that offers a river cruise boat dock across the Mississippi River. The Beale St is also the home to plenty of blues musicians — and those from the late 19th century.

The downtown neighborhood has been revitalized by many businesses and investors. It offers incredible restaurant experiences. It

East Memphis

East Memphis is only 20 minutes away from the downtown area. It is filled with 1950s ranch homes. It is a conservative and quiet neighborhood. It is consisting of several subdivisions and neighborhoods such as Colonial Acres, Ridgeway, High Point Terrace, White Station-Yates, Sherwood Forest, Normal Station Middle, Normandy Meadows, Pleasant Acres, and Balmoral. It is where middle- and high-income families live. It is the best place for families to live due to its convenient location and affordable houses.

There are plenty of top-rated schools in East Memphis as well such as Richland Elementary Schools, East High School, White Station High School, and White Station Elementary School.

Midtown Memphis

In the United States, there are only 4 zoos that have pandas, and one of them can be found in the Midtown neighborhood of Memphis – the Memphis Zoo.

Midtown Memphis is the home to many cultural attractions, from family-friendly parks to award-winning zoos. It is the home of note-worthy pieces of architecture as well. It is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Memphis, TN. Anyone who loves the classic, yet artsy feel will be attracted to the Midtown neighborhood.

Cordova Memphis

Cordova is an attractive neighborhood for homebuyers due to its location. It is in the center of Memphis. You’ll find upper-middle-class families in Cordova, making it an above-average neighborhood. And homes in Cordova range from mid-size to large homes and complexes. The neighborhood is quiet and family-friendly.

University District

It is the home to the largest institutions for higher learning in Memphis, TN. It is made of the different neighborhoods surrounding the largest public university in Memphis – the University of Memphis.

It is consists of several subdivisions. Most who live in this area are college students and post-grads.

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