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  • Nancie Grace

5 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

According to Warren Buffet, the best investment you can do is to invest in yourself. The more you learn, the more you make money.

That’s where personal growth comes in. Personal developments are activities that can help you improve your skills, improve your talents and add into your potential so that you can improve the overall quality of your life. These activities are not only one-time; these involve a commitment you make in order to have a continuous growth and learning in every stages of your life. Here’s how you can invest in yourself:

1. Attend Seminars

Although attending seminars can be costly, but these days there are only few free things you can opt for. You can expand your knowledge and skills by attending seminars.

When we acquire or try something new, we enrich our lives enormously. All of the new things can help us to grow and develop, modelling us into the best that we can be.

Attending seminars is also a great way to meet people and create new connections. It could also mean a great way to deepen and strengthen others as well as yourself. Never underestimate the power of creating connections.

2. Read Books

Books, audio books and the like are great resources in expanding knowledge and skills.

The more books we read, the more we have chances to understand the world around us. When we read books, the more we learn life beyond what we already understand or know.

Books allow us to be better in communication. Because books expand our vocabulary and our communication skills develop. With reading, it helps us enhance our language skills and develops fluency, making us to better express our thoughts and ideas.

Through books, we learn about how different things works, understand the culture of others, and understand the history of different things. Through books, new languages can be learned, new ways to improve ourselves can be learned, and even building new things.

With the right books, we can become smarter and more skilled.

3. Start Side Hustles

You can earn extra money during your spare time in addition to your main job is a great way of achieving your financial goals as well as professional goals. Small side hustles can grow into bigger opportunities that can help you develop skills – entrepreneurial skills, writing skills, etc.

4. Take care of your health

Health is wealth as they say. All things in your life can be impacted by your health and wellness. Good health is the main core of happiness and well-being. Good nutrition and a balanced diet is a great way to boost your health.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle might considerably decrease premature mortality and lengthen life expectancy. When we are healthy we can live a longer life and be able to do more things.

5. Volunteer

One of the great ways to give back to the community is through volunteering. Serving others does not only nurture your feelings positively but it also reduces stress. It also allows you to meet new people and forge networks.

We are often afraid to bite the bullet in indulging ourselves in self-investments because we feel that we would not be able to experience the full benefit. But deciding to invest in yourself and make an initial investment in yourself can boost your confidence tremendously; improving your views as well. When you have self-confidence, you can accomplish more things than you ever thought possible and will be able to set your visions higher, and achieve those goals that you may have once thought unreachable.

Let me know your thoughts about investing in yourself. Comment down below.


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