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  • Nancie Grace

Best Exterior Paint Colors 2021

After years of withstanding the elements, your rental property can start to look a little shabby. Paint is the most effective and cheapest way to improve the appearance of your rental property. Few cans of paint are the remedy to give the exterior of your rental property a much-needed facelift.

So, you have already determined if you need a primer or a paint with primer in it. Now you want to determine what exterior paint colors would you want for your rental property. Here are the top combinations you might want to consider.

1. White

White is always a classic color. It is quite a tricky paint color for exteriors as it can appear too bright. But white will never be a bad choice. Most people would love to choose white exteriors for a home.

The classic look can also be updated with a bold front door and a great landscaping. It is also great for a farm-house styled house.

2. Blue-Gray

Combination of blue and gray tones has been one of the popular exterior colors in the previous years. Blue-gray provides a welcoming color to the exterior of a home.

Moreover, one of the perks of going dark is you may be able to save cost since you may be able to skip primer if the original pain is lighter color. So, you only need few coats.

3. Colonial Blue

Colonial blue exterior color paint color is a great choice. It is beautiful and flexible. It looks great specially in wooded houses. You may want to consider a classic wood door with warmth undertones for blue exterior house. It is great for smaller homes.

4. Ivory

Ivory is also a great color choice for exterior house paint. It gives you the sleekness of white without the bleakness.

5. Dark Gray

Gray is an excellent accent color. Dark gray provides a home with elevated sophistication, exudes elegance or making a strong statement.

Moreover, going dark could save you money since you may be able to skip primer if the original pain is lighter color. So, you only need few coats.

When picking up the color for your house exterior, you can never go wrong with a classic neutral color.

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