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  • Nancie Grace

Making a Minimalist Home: Less is More

Would you like to live in a home where it is clutter-free and has more space?

In order to do so, you should practice minimalism.

Some may have a misconception of minimalism where one has to only live in a tiny home or a place away from all the distractions in a wandering world out of backpack. But no! Minimalism is not living in a tiny home. You don't have to live in a tiny home when you choose minimalism. Right where you are you can change the environment and your lifestyle.

In this article, you'll find what minimalism is and how you can practice minimalism at home.

Minimalism has been widely accepted in line with social environment changes. A very unique form of style is developed when the interior design is influenced by minimalist.

So what is a minimalist style?

The minimalist style follows the "less is more" concept. This form is brief and simple and gives a sense of modernization.

The concept of minimalist style is not complex. There are no extra decorative elements; rather the focus is on the design - visual integrity and formal simplification.

Making over your home with a minimalist style has a lot of benefits. And it is not only having a simpler home but it is more than that.

How can you practice minimalism in your home?

Buy Less

The basic idea minimalism is to elude from buying stuff that you do not really need. It is important to evaluate if the stuff is something really needed.

Minimalist is a lifestyle of carefully thinking and evaluating new possessions. Ask yourself these questions when buying new things: Do I need this stuff? Do I really need this stuff?

  • Control yourself from buying new stuff right away by waiting 24 hours. Often times when you do this, the initial interest gradually diminishes and the buying is no longer that interesting.

  • Learn to say “no” and set priorities.


Minimalism is having more space. Remember that your home should not be like a storage space. It is your life’s headquarter on earth. It should be a place where you can enjoy things away from the stress of the outside world.

If clutter is somewhat few people are fond of, how does it can take over our homes so fast?

If we have an overflowing clutter in our home, we no longer have the energy and space for new experiences at home. It would be difficult to stretch and express ourselves in a cramped and inhibited area.

A minimalist home is not merely defined by a particular visual or aesthetic. It is only utilitarian. A minimalist home is merely uncluttered. It houses the things essential to foster a satisfying life on someone’s terms by clearing away excess in order to create physical and mental space to flourish.

  • Understand the cause of the clutter.

  • Know the purpose of each room or area in your house. Once you know this, you’ll be able to define the end result. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of this room? Who uses the room or space? How do I want to feel in this space? What I do not want to feel in this space?

For example in your entryway, the purpose of it is to center me as I leave your home and to offer a warm welcome to anyone who enters through the door. Thus, it needs to function with warmth and ease so as to minimize stress and improved gladness.

Organize Things

Once you have decluttered, store things strategically in a location that is fixed. You don’t have to store things in fancy storage space. What’s important is the items should be easy to access or easy to get. It is essential to keep things as simple as possible.

Decorate with Simplicity

When creating a minimalist interior, use base colors to create a fresh look, clean, and inspire calmness. The interior doesn’t have to be bland or boring. You can mix up the palette by integrating different tones of your selected shades.

Choose artworks or centerpieces that truly give you happiness or joy and use them to elevate the warmth in your home. Invest in quality designs that will make a stunning statement and stand the test of time.

In decorating a minimalistic space, remember to take one step at a time. And enjoy the feeling of calmness, peacefulness, cleanliness, and clutter-free space that you are creating.

It feels good, right?

I hope this article has served you well along your journey to creating a minimalist home and acquiring a minimalist mindset.

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