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  • Nancie Grace

Memphis Turnkey: 1978 Single Family House

This property in Memphis, TN was built in 1977. Originally it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage. It was remodeled to 4 bathrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage. It has 1,600 sq ft floor area and a 0.44 acres of lot area.

This home is within the Shelby County.

See the pictures before the property was transformed.

A huge area in this house caught fire. As you can see the walls of this property were covered with carbon residue from the smoke. Soot particles clung all over the house. The fire created a huge mess to the house.

Here are the pictures after the property was transformed into a beautiful turnkey house.

  • New exterior wall paint.

  • New roofing system was installed.

  • New window shutters were installed.

  • Cleaned outside and inside of the house.

  • New flooring was installed.

  • New ceiling fans installed.

  • New wall paint.

This place has a beautiful fire place.

  • New kitchen design installed.

  • New cabinets and beautiful counter tops were installed.

  • New bathroom design.

  • New vanity was installed.

Your Home 901 transformed the house into a beautiful turnkey house that you could not even see any traces that this place caught fire prior.

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