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  • Nancie Grace

Memphis Turnkey: Before and After 1940 Home

This property was built in 1940. It has 1,119 sq ft living area and 7,500 sq ft lot. It is in Midtown neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. Home values in this neighborhood are predicted to rise up to 11.2% in the next year.

Here are the photos before we transformed this property into a beautiful turnkey house.

Memphis Turnkey Transformation

Here are the photos after Your Home 901 transformed the property into a beautiful turnkey house.

  • All new roofing system was installed.

  • New exterior painting.

  • The trees that were covering the house were cut down.

  • Grasses were trimmed.

  • New kitchen design with nice counter tops were installed.

  • New wall and ceiling paint.

  • New flooring system was installed.

  • New bathroom design

See the previous turnkey transformation

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