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  • Nancie Grace

Turnkey House Transformation in Memphis, TN

Updated: May 5, 2020

A turnkey house has been popular these days. It has become a very good investment opportunity for real estate investors. People buy turnkey houses and generate revenue through rental.

Usually, turnkey houses are renovated or remodeled properties provided by turnkey providers or companies that fix and rehab properties. Most turnkey houses are ready to move in. Meaning you don't have to put an additional cost to repairs and any other additional works.

And because it is ready to move-in property it is hassle-free. The builders or the turnkey provider has already taken care of the construction hassles.

This property was one of the very first projects we did years ago. This was built in 1972. It has 3 bedrooms, single bathroom and a car port. The property is 1052 sq ft.

Here are the pictures before we renovated this property into a beautiful turnkey house.

From the street view, the house can be difficult to see since the weeds and grasses were all over.

The windows were already broken. And some parts of the roof were already damaged.

Since it has been abandoned for years, the place has been vandalized.

Turnkey House: After Renovation

The exterior and interior of the house were cleaned. All debris were disposed.

New roofing system was installed. The house was painted with our pioneering color - true blue color.

New windows and doors were installed. New ceiling fans and lighting fixtures were installed.

New flooring was installed. New wall ceiling paint and wall paint.

We designed a new kitchen for this house. We installed new cabinets and counter tops.

We also designed a new bathroom for this property. Classic white was the best choice for this property.

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For more information about turnkey properties or Memphis turnkey visit our website . You can also add us up through Facebook: YH901


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