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Why Abandoned Houses Fall Apart Quickly?

Occasionally, we notice houses that have been abandoned recently start to fall apart in no time. Have you ever wondered why abandoned or neglected houses fall apart quickly?

A good example is this house in Memphis, TN. This was built in 2003. The house in this photo was only 16 years ago. But older houses that were built in 1950s looked more appealing to the eyes than this house that was only built 16 years ago. Because for the past years it sits empty and started to deteriorate.

After a month that it has been abandoned, the city might turn off the electricity. After two months, animals might arrive in the house and start to chew up any left food and any furniture left. After three months, the exterior would start to get cracks on the pavement as the grass would be overgrown. After five months, typhoons visit the area and many shingles would fly off and would even shatter glass windows. After a year of excessive moisture accumulation it starts to plague the house - structure would get stressed causing the wooden materials in the roof to snag and snap, tearing the sheath of the roof. When it rains the water would flow to the interior of the house – soaking drywall and wood sheathings. And mold would start to grow. After two years, the wall exterior paint of the house would start to shed. Wood materials would start to decay. The garage door would collapse giving an opening for different kind of things to enter the house. After three years, huge part of the roof would start to collapse. Plants would start to grow inside the house breaking apart cement floor. After 4 years, the walls would become severely rotted and wall ceiling and walls would start to fall. After 5 years, the house is completely unrecognizable.

A house protects you from elements such as wind, hail, rain, snow and solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation, heat, and cold. But those the same elements can also prove to be fatal for a house when there is no routine maintenance done to the house necessary to keep it up.

When a house is abandoned, there is no one to maintain or repair the house from the damages it gets from several elements. When a house is abandoned, it is no longer protected in a way to keep environmental elements out. Even when a house has occupants but no repairs done to the house when needed, the house will fall apart. A house needs on-going maintenance and repairs for it to remain appealing to the eyes and pro-long the life-span of the materials of the house.

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