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Invest Memphis TN Real Estate

Since 2017, Your Home 901 has been committed to changing the lives of the people in the Memphis community by giving back to the local community the chance to own homes and at the same time providing investment opportunities to real estate investors. Your Home 901 has been committed to revolutionizing Memphis  real estate by providing service excellence to our clients. 

Why Invest in Memphis TN Real Estate?

The value of real investment lies in the city itself and the partner you are working with. Your home 901 has the heart for the community of Memphis. We have been providing investment opportunities to various investors across the United States with Memphis turnkey properties. We know the ways to effectively invest in Memphis real estate. We provide real estate solutions for home buyers and investors.

Memphis TN real estate has the biggest attraction quality to investors due to the market’s affordability combined with states’ favorable tax environment. Memphis' real estate rate is growing at a steady rate and with continuous job growth in the city, projects a strong economy that is sustainable to the housing market.

Our Turnkey Real Estate Process

We keep it simple, We keep it profitable

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Our team carefully examines neighborhood that needs assistance and revitalization with good buying potential.  We look for the best investment properties that will yield a good turnaround potential. After our extensive analysis, we look case by case to choose the best opportunity possible.


We take care of the dirty work. We work very closely with our contractors, engineers, architects, and designers to make the most possible with our budget. Our team of professionals has two things in mind - keep it simple but nice and keep it profitable but cozy.

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Once the construction is done, we can either sell the property to homebuyers, helping people to acquire their first homes or sell to investors who are looking for a cash flow scenario.

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What our clients say about us... 

Harry W., San Francisco

I had the pleasure  working with Yourhome901. From start to finish, they are responsive and constant professional. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.

Peter L., Los Angeles CA

I wanted to add turnkey property to my portfolio. I came across Your home 901 through a friend's referral. I'm happy with the investment property. And partnering with them allowed me to add real estate to my portfolio through a simple investment process.

Kristin, Memphis, TN

We really like  the property that we purchased from them.

The quality of their properties were higher than we've expected. They are honest and professional.


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