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What We Do

Your Home 901 is a turnkey real estate company in Memphis, Tennessee. Our mission is to give back to the local community of Memphis the chance for them to have their own homes and to create the right investment opportunity to local and out of state investors.





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Helping and guiding aspiring homeowners of Memphis to be at ease with the process of acquiring a turnkey house. With our home and proud program, a family can acquire their home with ease. With this, we are not only helping prospective residents but we are also creating jobs on the construction and revitalization process.  



Our goal is to provide our real estate investors reliable and secure investment property portfolio. We do not only create opportunities for our partners, but we also create the best returns for them. We invest alongside them. 



We see the potential of the property for increased value by revitalization. Applying the broken window theory we believe our work will help the inner city of Memphis to achieve it's full growth potential. Helping the community and investors one house at the time.



Aigo Pyles

CEO and Founder

  • With a Degree in Business Administration from the PUC - Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás, Brazil

  • With Business Degree in International Business

  • Author of 3 book series - "Para onde vai o seu dinheiro?" , "Where did your money go?"   "Dude, where did your money go? "

  • Former host of radio program: Para onde vai o seu dinheiro? 

  • Specialist in Advance Corporate Finance - New York Institute of Finance

  • Certified Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute Certification (BCI)

  • Certified Professional CPA 20 - ANBIMA

Your Home 901 is founded with the vision of helping people acquire their first homes in Memphis, Tennessee and create cash flow opportunities to local and out-of-state real estate investors by providing them with quality of remodeled investment properties in Memphis. 

Our goal is to help change people’s lives through financial planning and enable individuals to purchase fully renovated houses. We know we can’t do it alone, thus our objective is to work along with market forces. The revitalizing of houses allows helping neighborhoods improve their quality of life and at the same time providing real estate investors with great return on their assets. 

We strive to lead in all aspects of our business. We always strive for excellence. It’s what our clients expect from us and it’s what we expect of each other. Our company’s guiding principles are testaments of these aspirations. 

I take comfort in knowing that our team embraces these values as we carry out our business activities. Rest assured that with Your Home 901 you are in good hands.


Aigo Pyles

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