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  • Nancie Grace

7 Gifts for Real Estate Investors

No one likes to give a boring gift. So here are the top 7 gifts for real estate investors that are not boring, for sure.

#1 Power Bank

These days most real estate investors rely on their phones to check on almost everything. They use them to look for online deals, check photos for the prospective property, takes photos of the property, take videos of prospective properties, etc. There are so many things that mobile phones provide, so investors could not afford to have a battery empty phone.

And something to keep their mobile phones charged is a great thing for them. So, when choosing a power bank as a gift for real estate investors, pick up a pocket-size power bank, that can recharge a mobile phone a dozen times.

#2 Mobile Phone Lens Kit

These days, smartphones are able to take great photos. Usually, real estate investors take photos through their phones. But smartphones come with shortcomings, the lens cannot be adjusted. Moreover, lenses can improve the quality of photos or videos.

So pick up a mobile phone lens kit with multiple swappable lenses, so your real estate investor can take photos under any conditions. They could zoom in to take photos from a distance while driving for dollars or capturing the interior room of the property or just anything in between.

#3 Travel Hygiene Kit

Real estate investors interact with numerous buyers and clients each day, a portable hygiene kit can help in maintaining a good impression no matter what kind of places they have visited. And especially these days, where hygiene is very important to stop coronavirus from spreading. Work and travel hygiene kit for Covid-19 would be a great gift for real estate investors.

#4 Rechargeable Flashlight

A quality flashlight is important for real estate investors searching for light switches, investigating abandoned properties or leaks in basements.

A lightweight rechargeable flashlight with adjustable beam focus can be a great gift for real estate investors.

#5 High-Quality Pen

Real estate people are signing documents, contracts, checks, and legal documents most of the time. And this will require a pen.

So, do not underestimate the power of a good writing utensil. It would be a great

#6 Laser Measure

The laser measure is a great help when measuring or verifying the measurement of the property. It is a very simple tool yet it is a great help. It allows measuring difficult distances such as a high ceiling or long distances.

The laser measure is a handy little gadget that would be a nice gift for your favorite real estate investor.

#7 Gift Certificates

A gift card allows them to get what exactly they want – even if you do not know what it is. You can give them an Amazon gift card or Home Depot gift card.

If there is any gift that keeps on giving, it’s the gift of more home leads. The holidays are the joyous time of the year. It is meant to be shared with loved ones and to show appreciation for those who matter to you.

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