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Your Dream House is here – Memphis Turnkey House

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Everyone is dreaming of owning a house. Buying a house has always been an essential part of the ‘American Dream’.

It could mean different things to different people. Some people buy a house for more space. Others buy a house for convenience to work or family. But no matter what the reason is, buying a house is an investment.

In the US, a house makes up for nearly one-third of the entire wealth accumulation of the households. Housing wealth is the main component of the total wealth of the household.

Memphis Turnkey House

The property is a single-family home with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and 2-car garage. It has a lot size of 9583 sq. ft. and a living area of 1300 sq. ft. It situated in a great location.

Turnkey Transformation

Here are the pictures when we found the property

The outside has a lot of debris. There were cracked and missing roof shingles and damaged roof gutter which means the roof was failing. The water pipe tubing already collapsed. The garage was already worn out with a failing roof and debris on its roof. And inside the house, there were sockets that were already worn out. The rooms were pretty old as there were splashes of paint on the floor. The interior was pretty old. So basically, the house needed a head to toe renovation.

Here are the pictures after we did a head to toe renovation to this property.

What we did to transform this into a beautiful Memphis turnkey house?

We did an overhaul to the house. We did a lot of clean-up to the outside and inside of the house.

For the exterior, it was pressured wash. We did a lot of painting, replacing wood sides, and removal of yard debris. New water pipe tubings were installed. We replaced all damaged wood/sidings around the house. We installed a new roof and new windows. We repaired all the cracks around the house. We almost built a new garage - new roof, new door, and a new garage motor.

For the interior, we installed new flooring, new lighting fixtures, new doors, new windows, and a new AC unit with a 10-year warranty. We totally transformed the bathroom and kitchen. We painted the walls, ceiling, trims, and closets. We also placed new ceiling fans on the bedrooms. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing were inspected by licensed professionals.

This is the kind of turnkey transformation that we do. We totally renovate the property and put a new life into it because know that every aspiring homeowner deserves to live in a comfortable house.

For other opportunities, contact us and we are ready to help you achieve your dream house.


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